Things I've Learned about Giving Online Exams

Today's wins...

A few of my favorite things...

More than one way to learn. I mean divide.

Using the boards...

Polynomial Long Division.

Radians! Trig! Woo hoo!

Adjusting on the Fly

I'm giving them choice and they don't like it.

Rearranging and the Harkness Method

Thoughts from the Week


Sub plans and second quarter changes

If you're not using @desmos...

Catching up and getting ahead

And more lessons...

My Lessons from the first 2 weeks of school

If I didn't have Adult-Onset ADHD before this summer, I do now.

I need 3 more months of summer. For realz.


Getting started planning

With a new classroom comes new decorations!

Let the freakout commence!


Polar Coordinates and a fun #tbt

5th grade math....


Individualized Quizzes and g(Math)

CCSS confusion

4th quarter! Math! What could be better?

Are you a font-a-holic?

OneNote and Math 1

Recent Finds

One of those days...

Online calculator

We're back!