My Lessons from the first 2 weeks of school

1. There are a lot of details about starting school that you don't remember until you do it. Seating charts, health plans, IEPs, basic organization. I think I have it down now.

2. Whatever I plan for Math 1 or Math 3 is going to take 2 - 3x as long to actually accomplish in class. It's good that I'm writing my plans for the week in dry erase marker on my board so it's easily editable. And I use google calendar to keep track of my long-term plans, so it's easily movable.

3. Days go amazingly quickly when you're busy from 6:50 am to 3:00 pm.

4. Telling kids that I'm going to let them be responsible for their cell phone use (or lack thereof) in class is one thing. Them following through with that is another.

5. Kids are not shy about emailing at all hours of the day. Especially at 11:00 the night before an assignment is due.

6. I have to put exactly what is due on Schoology (our LMS) each day; if I just say it in class there are students who get confused.

7. There's nothing like back-to-school tired.

8. The feeling of having a former student come to my room saying "I missed you!" and giving me hugs (3 of them) is amazing. That's what makes #1 - 7 worth it!