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'Tis the Day Before the Day Before Winter Break. . .

Precalc Scheduling Stuff

The Polls are Open!

Finishing Up Sine and Cosine Graphs

What do you notice?

#Made4Math Monday: Stations

Sub plans!

A Day in the Life (Math Teacher edition)

#Made4Math: Trig Stuff

Patty Paper FTW

#Made4Math Monday: iPad apps

Happy Twittereen!

I guess.

I'm telling!

What is an honors student?

Solving Equations woes


Calculator Lessons

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#Made4math: Exit slip update


Odds and Ends

Organization (#Made4Math)


Setting Expectations

It's hard for me to imagine.

How fast is Usain Bolt?

Lesson learned: Don't become an accountant

How to get a class mad at you. . .


INB Update

#hsSunFun: Organization

Two days down...

Homework solution (?)

Using QR Codes