Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Calculator Lessons

Things learned on the graphing calculator today:

1.  If you hit the store button it'll save a value for you so you can easily use it later. We were using phi to determine if a person's face fit the golden ratio. Homework was to do the same for their face.  Some of the kids were really freaked out that I had pictures of them to hand out! (Adapted from this activity at

2.  There's a delete button!

3.  If you hit 2nd on/off it will lighten or darken the screen.

4.  To see a y-value in a table you must have an equation in y = .

5. The ^ is your exponent button.

The scary thing is that 3 out of these 5 discoveries were made by my Precalc sophomores/juniors.  If only they played with/explored their calculator as much as they do their phones!

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