Final Countdown!

Somehow August snuck up on me again this year.  You'd think after 22 years of teaching I'd be ready for it!  And yet...

One big difference this year is that school is starting so much earlier in my district. The past couple of years we haven't started school until September because of construction. This year, though, teachers report on August 12 and school starts on the 15th.  That's next week!

I really don't feel like I did a lot of school work this summer, and that was kind of my goal with the "short" break.  I went to one one-day conference and decided that would be it for me (although I really hated to miss one that was pretty local and brought in Fawn Nguyen this week!).  I really just spent my summer in the car driving my two kids to their variety of activities.

One thing I did do recently was put together a list of activities I do in Precalc - here's a link if anyone's interested.  I think I adjusted the sharing settings for each file so they should be viewable.

Off we go.