Monday, November 26, 2012

#Made4Math Monday: Stations

It was kind of a weird day back from Thanksgiving break. We only had two days of school last week and due to some sick kiddos at home, I was there for half of one day. I saw two of my Precalc classes but wasn't able to see the third (after intro'ing new material the previous Friday).

And it was dealing with the unit circle, which they're still adjusting to.

And I want to give a quiz tomorrow.

Instead of giving just a review sheet today, I decided to alter my plans a bit and give the kids more of a chance to talk through problems. I took the five types of questions that I wanted them to review and turned them into stations. Oh, and a sixth station just to practice the unit circle. I printed the problems and glued them onto colored construction paper (just for fun), then glued the answers to the previous station on the back (so answers for #1 were on the back of #2, etc.). I put the problems into some page protectors to protect them (duh). I'll probably make nicer ones and laminate them for next year.

Due to our time constraints, I gave the kids a set amount of time at each station. I knew some of the problem sets could've taken too long and the kids would've missed some sections, so I only gave them 5 minutes per table. This decreased as the period went on and I did some mental math to try and get every kid to every problem.

Here are the links to the documents I used:
 Problems    Answers     Answer Sheet

The kids did well with this; except for a couple of whiners first period I think they enjoyed moving around, and I continue to be amazed at how well they work with each other.

I ended up taking pity on the class I hadn't seen since a week ago Friday... Their quiz is Weds instead of tomorrow. I do have a heart. Sometimes.


  1. Ooh, lovely idea. Would you be able to share your stations? It's a great idea. Students love moving around, and somehow just this is enough to spark more conversations. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks!

    I added in links to my documents above. :)

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