Sunday, December 11, 2016

Exams are coming!

A few years ago the district I teach in moved semester exams from January to December. Not that the end of the semester actually changed, but the thought was that it would be good to have them before a two-week(ish) winter break.

I guess.

For my year-long classes, the change of weeks doesn't affect me much. But my colleagues who teach a semester-long class give their exam in December, have the break, then come back for 2 weeks before the class ends. Seems pretty awkward to me!

So this coming week is the last week of real classes we'll have before our (short!) winter break. Exams are Dec 19 - 22.

Anyway, every year I struggle with how to deal with the exam review days.  I'm more of the mindset that I want the students to practice what they personally need to. I don't lead a whole-class review (unless they request it) and I like to give them time to work/ask questions. I give a packet of review problems and post the answers (or have them available).

And every year I wonder how to "grade" these problems.
1. I don't want to grade for correctness.  It's practice for the exam.  And besides, I'm posting the answers.  And another besides, I don't want to take the time to do that.
2. I don't want to grade for completion.
      a.  If a student feels like they need to spend more time on a certain section than another, then I want them to go for it.
      b. Copying is running rampant through my school right now. So the probability is great that students who aren't working on the problems during class are just going to leave my room and copy it from a friend who has actually done it.  I refuse to reward the copy-ers.
3. If I choose not to grade anything at all, I feel like I'm babysitting in class for several days in a row. I can only imagine the number of Snapchats that will be sent around the school.

So I'm toying with the idea of just giving points to students who are actually working on the packet in my classroom.  Basically, those kids not wasting the 3 days in class I'm giving them to review.

I don't want to give these points on their quarter grade (because what does it show they learned?) and am thinking about adding it as a portion of their exam grade.  Because, really, it is showing if they worked on reviewing for the exam.

So my thought is checking to see if they are working for 3 days and add 3 - 5 points/day as part of their exam grade. If the students decide not to work then they know they are affecting their exam grade. And with these extra points built into the exam grade I wouldn't feel like I'd have to curve the grades.