Adjusting on the Fly

My sister-in-law and her family were visiting us a few weeks ago. She'd planned to leave after a doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon but then her hubby ended up stuck at work longer. She texted and apologized because they weren't sticking to their plan. Of course it wasn't an issue (and I told her that), then she thanked me for my flexibility.

Isn't being flexible a necessity for our lives these days?

Or is it just me in which plans don't always work out the best?

I had a plan for my Math 3 classes today, and because I was being observed I had to articulate what they were.

Original plan:
1. Warm up problem
2. Review HW
3. Split into designated groups to work through some applications of quadratics problems. Present to each other on the board.  (I had planned for groups of 5 - 6 and even rearranged my desks yesterday.)
4. Finish problems for homework.

What actually happened:
1. Warm up problem (which we solved twice because I wanted to show that completing the square and the quadratic formula got you the same answer)
2. Review HW - took longer than I had anticipated, but again I wanted to make them aware of the choice they had in solving quadratics. Plus we solved a couple because there was some confusion.
3. Split into designated groups to work on one problem (which I assigned). The hope was that we could come back together to our normal table groups to present the problem to their group.  After thinking on it I changed my mind on group size and quickly put my desks back into 4s. So then I had to re-design my groups so they represented a variety of strengths.
4. Some groups finished their problem relatively quickly, so I told them to work on another problem from the worksheet. Some groups were still finishing up as the bell rang.

So, most kids got one problem done today. Am I ok with that? Yep. I'm hoping on Monday to have the kids present their one problem to their group and take a look at some of the ones we didn't get to.

In working my way through 2 brand new courses this year, flexibility has become my middle name.