With a new classroom comes new decorations!

I'm super pumped that my new classroom has a bulletin board. Because I'm a geek like that.

But with a bulletin board comes a responsibility. It needs to be filled!

I picked this up at Walmart months ago because it was $.10 and I was feeling hopeful that I might need it someday. Looks like that was a good buy! It won't fill the whole bulletin board but I'm pretty sure I can find a simple black (or orange, the school colors) one to fill the rest. And a border, of course.

I've pinned a lot of stuff on Pinterest that I need to go back to. Here's my classroom decorations collection. Lots for me to sort through!  I love this "Be Who You Are" board, "Instead of I Don't Get It. . .", "Transform Thinking", "Teachers Definition of Talking", and pretty much everything else on there. It would also be fun to get some math involved... comics, graphs, etc. I'm sure I have some of those pinned too!

I have a set of two whiteboards in the front of my room and two on the side (where I'm going to put my desk). I like the idea of posting a schedule for classes so kids (and I) can see what's coming up for the week. I saw this board in a school I was nosing around in while my kid was at baseball camp one day and liked it. Though I don't think I'll include that second section in.  And I'd probably try and find some cute tape to use. I see a lot of those patterned washi (?) tapes at the store.

I'd also leave some room for me to be able to jump up and do a quick tutorial for kids. That could go in the blank section.

Now if only the AP Stats were as easy to figure out as decorating the room...


  1. Congrats on being back in the classroom! Seeing this post makes me think that I need to redo the bulletin boards in my room (and that large chalkboard at the back of my room) and give them a fresh start. Can't wait to see how your decor turns out.


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