Monday, October 26, 2015


I'm disappointed in myself.

After starting out the year problem solving, asking questions, having the kids write, and trying to mix up different types of activities in class, lately I've resorted to the boring.

Warm up.
Homework answers.
New stuff.


That's so not how I want my classroom to be. I want to make the kids think. I want to keep them on their toes. I want to have an active learning atmosphere.

I get it in bits and pieces. In Math 1 we've been torturing ourselves with reviewing (supposed to be reviewing, though you'd think most of the kids are learning it for the first time) exponent rules. Definitely not the most exciting thing. But on Friday I created and gave them a Tarsia (jigsaw-type) puzzle, and the engagement was amazing. Every single kid was working and trying to fit the pieces together.  I need that to happen so much more often!

Today started a new quarter and a new dedication to re-making my class.

I've been checking out Mathalicious activites, trying to figure out how to incorporate more Desmos, more applications, more options for the kids to actually think about math.

I need to hold myself more accountable for doing what I want to do; for doing what I know needs to be done.

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