Thursday, September 3, 2015

Catching up and getting ahead

Just a few things that I'm happy with from this week:

1. My precalc kids are currently working their way through a Desmos activity called What's My Transformation? that Meg Craig created. I know they've learned function transformations before; this is a fun way for them to practice in another way! Every single student is working and seem like they're enjoying it. And the excitement when they get a tough one is fun to see.
(They were shocked when the bell rang. That's awesome!)

2. I gave my Math 1 kids a Socrative Space Race yesterday to review for their quiz today on solving equations. It went well except that when I gave a multiple choice question with several possible answers, I thought it would count it correct as long as they chose one of the indicated answers. Not so much. The kids were not happy when they got a question right but were told it was wrong.  (like: when solving 4(x + 3) = 8, what's your first step? I selected both "distribute the 4" and "divide by 4".)

3. The hours I spent making that silly Parent Function foldable this summer were finally worth it; my math 3 kids put together the books yesterday and we filled them in today. Now I just want to make sure that I'm constantly referring to it (and asking the kids to).  I'm wondering if I should have put an extra page in to show the different types of transformations... Hmm.

4. I've been giving my Math 3 and Math 1 kids a warm up every day. It's typically a problem like what they did for homework or what we discussed the day before. In Math 3 we've spent a lot of time (too much, I think) talking about characteristics of functions. Today I found a graph on Which One Doesn't Belong? that fit the bill perfectly. I thought the kids have done a great job talking about how the chracteristics of one function makes it different than another.  I'll definitely be bringing those back as warm ups!  Much thanks to Mary Bourassa for this site!

Our kids are expected to have a computer with them every day; it's so nice to be able to use them at the drop of a hat!

I spent a lot of time this summer working on these first few weeks of the year, but I've unfortunately caught up with it all. Looks like my Labor Day weekend will literally involve some labor!  (And some sleep, hopefully!)

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