This Week's Top 10

I've been doing a pretty good job lately of keeping up with my Google Reader.... which I will change to Feedly, I think, in July. I have an app (or two) on my iPad that helps me remember to check to see what amazingness people are putting on their blogs. My only issue is how to save those awesome ideas so I can use them when the time is appropriate. I've been starring them but hardly ever go back.

There's been a lot of really good stuff lately that I wanted to make sure I shared.

1.  Area of a regular polygon I don't teach geometry, but someday could. This looks cool.
2.  Build your own Death Star  I mean, really. How can you pass this up?!
3.  Exponentials in Context A good way to bring real-world applications to exponentials.
4.  The Beginnings of Precalc INB I'm not sure I want to do INBs in Precalc, but I can always keep it as an option.
5.  Linking Functions If you're starting CCSS in Algebra 1, you seriously need to check out Jeannette Stein's blog/livebinders.
6.  Rational Functions and Limits We're just about there in precalc.
7.  Conics in Desmos Love desmos, not too crazy about conics. This could help.
8.  Free Calculus Stuff From Me! I'm not a fan of TpT.  I love how as a math community so many people share freely. But that's another topic for another day.
9.  Intro to Quadratics - from "drab" to "fab" I love cheesemonkey! :)
10. Triangle Challenge - The Ambiguous Case Explored Using Pipe Cleaners Anything to help kids understand why the Law of Sines can be such a pain in the butt.

And I just found this this morning via twitter. Geoff posted Problem-based Curriculum Maps for CCSS.  Heaven.

See what I mean?  Awesomesauce.