Mom of the Year


I'm on day 2 of my second-most favorite week of the year. My kids are in school and I'm on spring break. It's heavenly.

I'm not the best at this stay-at-home-mom gig. I did pretty well yesterday; got the kids up, made their lunches, and drove them up the street to the bus stop. Today, not so much. I'm going to go with the excuse that my six-year old climbed into bed with me at 3:15 and then coughed until 7:00 so I didn't sleep well. But I didn't get lunches made and then we missed the bus. That would make me 0 for 2, if you're counting.

So I drove them to school (just 10 minutes up the road, so no biggie) then waited in the car line until the kids were allowed in. It was actually nice; we sat and chatted about school stuff and what was going on today. Once the magical time came and they were allowed in, it was fun to see how every single kid got out of the car and ran into the building, like they just couldn't wait to get inside.

Can you imagine high schoolers doing that?! Getting so pumped about being at school that they park their car (or get off the bus) and then run into the building? It's sad that so many kids don't enjoy being at school, and yet there are a lot of times as I walk around the building during the school day that I can understand why. I hear a lot of teachers talking and see a lot of kids staring blankly... Or sleeping... Or texting.

It just helps remind me what I would like my class to look like when someone walks by. I want them to see students engaged, either by actively working on their own or with their tablemates. I know there are times that the lecture thing is unavoidable, but I'm trying my hardest to minimize those times.

I think adopting the CCSS next year will change that (for some of us). It looks like I could have a CP class and a general class, so that would definitely keep me on my toes.

And to think that I wasn't going to try and work much this summer. Ha.

(Speaking of summer, my first-favorite week of the year is when the kids go to stay with my mom for a week. I'm all about sleeping in and lying by the pool!)