Quick (but good!) change to my late work form

 Last year when we suddenly were sent home I started enforcing my Late Work form. It was a super basic google form that I posted on Schoology (our LMS) for students to fill out when they wanted to turn in a missing assignment.

All I asked for was their name, class period, and assignments.  No reasons why, no dates, etc. I wanted it to be short and sweet.  And for those last 2ish months of school, there were 69 submissions to it, many with multiple assignments listed.  I can't even imagine trying to keep up with the "Hey Mrs. Fouss, I finished this assignment" emails.

I definitely wanted to continue it for this school year even though we're in person.  For the first semester I had 102 submissions (again, remember that I am seeing these kids every day barring any quarantining that's happening).  

Here's what I saw earlier this year:

Of course, it's very helpful. But it's also messy; I started finding myself re-organizing their entries based on what they were turning in. I've been sticking with a lot of Delta Math, Desmos, and Edpuzzles this year.

And because that's where we were working, why not fix up my form?  Here's my newly organized one:

Just seeing it lessens the anxiety I saw with the first version.  And it's so much easier to "see" the assignments they're submitting!

(In case you're wondering, I still check each individual assignment to make sure it's done; just putting it on the form doesn't count. I have caught a couple of students submitting it on the form and not actually doing the work.)

I also have notifications on the form set up so I get a daily email if there are changes made to it. This saves me from constantly checking to see if anyone has submitted it.