Flipping Rookie - Got Any Advice?

 I'm pretty sure I've decided to flip my classroom, mostly.

A few reasons for this:

1. A few of our chemistry teachers at school flip, which leaves them more time to do labs and such in class. I know I don't have "labs" but students told me they enjoyed it.

2. Although we're going back to school face-to-face in two weeks, I don't feel confident that we'll be in school every day. If we happen to go remote for a while I think it will be nice to have the video/practice system already set up.

3.  (This is the kicker) We found out this past week in a staff meeting that the students who had chosen to work remotely for the first semester will actually be part of our classes. We have the choice to keep them involved synchronously or asynchronously; if I have videos for my classes to watch it'll be easier to get them the information.  (Still waiting on how many remote students I'll have.)

So tonight I sat down to try and get a unit laid out - my first unit in Precalc is Matrices. I've got all of the videos already made and have assignments created.... now to just figure out a schedule.

Here's my first draft:

I do have a day for teaching matrix multiplication although I did make a video for it, so that could change. I'm just hesitant to assign too many videos - I don't want to make it a chore.

The QQ that I have listed are my "quick quizzes" - a spot check, basically, on how students are doing with the topics. They typically take 10 minutes (ish).

I'm sure that I'll make some changes between now and two weeks from now but I think I'm comfortable with this so far. If you have any ideas or see problems, please let me know!  I'm a total newbie at this flipping thing (especially in the midst of a pandemic).