Summer blur

I honestly think this has been the busiest summer I've ever had.

My kids both did swim team at a local pool and had practice every morning from 8 - 10 (ugh). We had weekly swim meets in addition to waytoomany baseball games and a volleyball practice & game each week.  My kids also spent some time with my folks for a few days and several days each at summer camp.  My brand new car, purchased in June, has close to 3500 miles on it all from driving the kids to and fro.  And to add to the commotion, we brought home a new puppy as summer started and three (!) kittens a couple of weeks ago.

Mixed in with all of that has been a long weekend in San Francisco learning from some fellow Desmos Fellows, an awesome day of learning at our second Southwest Ohio Desmos Institute, and a day at a local conference called High Aims.

So today I blinked and the calendar said August 6; I was sitting in my local high school's auditorium for my son's freshman orientation.

It's time to buckle down and figure out what the heck I'm going to do this year.  I'm teaching my go-to class, Honors Precalculus, but as I do every summer I want to rethink assignments and assessments.  I'm also teaching a new-to-me class, General Math 3, and don't want it to be the typical slowed down version of the College Prep course. Because that's not what those kids need!

Three weeks from today I report for 5 days of PD/Work days. It's late again this year because of construction on the building, so I don't even know when (or if!!) I'll be able to get into my classroom before school starts. With that uncertainty, I'd love to have my plans for both classes laid out!

Is it bad that I'm hoping for some rain so that I don't feel bad about wasting a beautiful summer day?