Function Flower Garden

It's been a great year so far (and just 6 weeks left!). But the students (and I, I admit) are in survival mode until summer.

I'm teaching a College Algebra & Trig class to seniors and I've done a lot of jumping around in the book. That I regret. But when thinking about how I wanted to end the year, I wanted to make sure that we talked about things they'd be expected to know going into a college math course.

So the past couple of weeks we've been reviewing basic function characteristics (domain, range, etc.), transformation rules, and combinations of functions (add, subtract, mult, divide, composition).  On Wednesday I thought I'd make it a little more fun for them (because, honestly, this isn't the most engaging, enjoyable material ever) so we made a function flower garden.

I gave each student a page with 3 flowers. In the center of the flower I defined a couple of functions and on each petal I wrote an operation they were to find. Students did work on a separate piece of paper and wrote their answers on the corresponding petal.  Then they colored (high school students loooove to color!) and cut them out.  (I wrote answers that they could check on the back of their paper, in no particular order.)

They turned out cute! And made this topic a little bit more fun. And livened up an ugly closet door.  (I've done this in the fall with hand turkeys, too! Can't find that file, though.)