Everybody's working for (ON!) the weekend

I don't know that non-teachers realize how much time so many of us spend working on the weekend.

I tend to put it all off until Sunday. I like at least one non-work day a week!

So far today, I've:
1. Graded 2 classes of quizzes and recorded them in our online gradebook.
2. Finished building a bank of questions similar to those on the quizzes in Schoology and assigned them to the students who needed some extra practice (according to their quiz score). I'm going to miss these two classes tomorrow so I am going to leave them for the kids to work on in class. With Schoology you can individually assign things and set the time that the questions are available. Perfect when you're going to miss class.  Now I just hope I got the times right!
3. Worked on a Desmos presentation for a PD I'm going to tomorrow (which is why I won't be at school).  I have 105 minutes to tell everything I know about Desmos. Isn't that funny?!  My goal is to split it up into 45 minutes on Activities, 45 minutes on the calculator (because it's going to be used in Ohio's state testing this year), and any extra time to play/ask questions.  Hoping this works out! Here's my presentation. The link I'm giving goes to a google folder which includes this presentation, a document of the same info, and a couple other resources that I've collected.
4. Started writing a guest blog post for Freetech4teachers. A week or so ago an English teacher friend of mine (hi Amy!) sent me a link to the post where Richard Byrne asked for people to apply to write a post for his blog.  And because I'm a glutton for punishment, I applied. He sent me an email on Friday saying I'd been accepted and would like my post by Tuesday. No pressure there - I don't think anyone actually reads his blog (ha!).  Luckily I know an awesome English teacher who's agreed to edit it for me. :)
5. Sent emails to parents of my Math 3 and College Algebra classes; I try and keep them updated through almost-weekly blasts of information. I've gotten some really good feedback about this!

Still on my to-do list (which probably won't get done today):
1. Write 3 college recommendations for students I had last year
2. Record grades for Desmos linear function projects I gave my Math 3 kids last week
3. Read through and record grades for my Explore Math projects that were due on Friday
4. Record some grades for MathXL assignments that were due this week

Working on the weekend stinks. But I really like to start a week without as much hanging over my head as possible.  So the 5+ hours I'm spending today is definitely worth it!