Student/Parent Survey

I just spent an hour or so revamping my beginning of the year student survey.

For the most part it's the same. I do it via a google form because I love having a spreadsheet of their answers! So I ask the basics - name, grade, class, parent name and email, previous math classes, etc. I also ask what some of their thoughts on math are:

This year I added a part 2.  Using FormMule (a google sheet add-on), I'm sending an automated email to their parent once the student submits the form.  Just a nice little welcome. The cool thing is that using FormMule, I can customize the email a bit. It will enter both the student's name and class where indicated.

Here's the email the parent will receive:

You'll see at the bottom of the email a link to a Parent Survey for them to fill out if they'd like to give me more information about their son/daughter.

I'm finding that as my own kids grow up (my son will be in 8th grade this year!) I appreciate all of the information I can get from their teachers. So hopefully starting the year with this will show my student's parents that I'm open to communication. And if I can get my act together, I'd like to send out emails throughout the year with information about what we're doing in class. Maybe at the start of each unit?

We'll see!