Friday, September 23, 2016

Re-Thinking Re-Quizzing

All of the Honors Precalculus students are assigned summer work. I know - doesn't that stink?! For the past several years we've set up assignments in MathXL so that the questions are automatically graded, though the students still have to turn in work when school starts in the fall.

Although this year we had issues with MathXL because the kids waited until the last minute to do the assignments (shocker) and their accounts had expired. So that was fun.

Anyway, during the first week of school I gave a quiz over the material covered in those assignments - linear functions, quadratics (factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula), and some other random stuff like rational functions, solving radical equations, etc. A lot of stuff that is going to be vital they know how to do.

It's sad how low some of the scores were for these students who are in the upper level course and (if they do well) will be taking AP Calc next year.

For this quiz only, I offer the option to retake some questions. But I didn't want to re-grade them all! So I decided to try it electronically.

Step 1:
I created a google form (that I posted on Schoology, our LMS) for the kids to indicate up to 5 questions that they'd like a re-do on (there were only 15 on the quiz itself).  This gave me a nice spreadsheet so I knew exactly who was doing what.

Step 2:
I created assignments in Delta Math that matched those questions. I told them that they needed to do the practice problems for the questions they were going to re-do. My intent was to check to make sure they'd done them but that seemed overwhelming for me. So I'm just going to hope that they got some extra practice.

Step 3:
I created a separate quiz in Schoology for each of the questions. I have the option of doing true/false, multiple choice, ordering, and fill in the blank (all of which are automatically graded); I can also give them short answer questions which I would have to go back and assign a grade for (no way).

Step 4:
I individually assigned the problems to the kids who had signed up for them, so all they saw as an option to do were the questions they had signed up for.

So today was requiz day, and I was holding my breath. Would this work out well?

Thankfully, the answer was yes!  I fixed some details today so that their scores would feed into the Schoology gradebook (which I'll have to transfer into our "real" gradebook) but it wasn't a big deal.  This was a bit of upfront work, but now the hard stuff is done and I won't have to re-do it for next year. Woo hoo!

I am allowing my Math 3 kids to requiz topics this year, and this is totally how I'm going to do it from now on. I'll ask them to submit their work when they're done (so I can give it a quick glance) but the days of double-grading problems are over!

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