Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The first 3 days

My 10th period class just walked out the door and I finally am taking a moment to sit and reflect over the last 3 days.

The bad:
Man, it's been hot and muggy. We were actually allowed to wear shorts and school tshirts for the first two days of school. Today wasn't supposed to be as bad heat-wise but it doesn't feel much different. Having a second-floor, eastern-facing room (so the sun comes in ALL DAY) isn't fun when the temperature is above 90 degrees and there's no air.  Tomorrow's high is supposed to be in the upper 70s.  Thank goodness.

The good:
Everything else. For real.

My classes have been great. It's amazing to only have 2 preps (haven't had that for YEARS... and by years I mean like 16 of 'em!), no general classes, and 5 classes of juniors.  I feel like by the time the kids are juniors they're over the freshman hand-holding, the sophomore I'm-not-a-freshman-anymore and haven't gotten to the senior I'm-too-cool-for-high-school stuff.  Juniors are my favorites. :)

I've also taken the time to do some fun stuff the first few days, and I'm planning for several different activities each day (instead of just one and done).

On Monday I used Sara Vanderwerf's name tents and 1-100 task and had a great start. The kids loved the 1-100; so many of them mentioned it in their comment to me on the tent.

On Tuesday I used Fawn Nguyen's Noah's Ark task, which was a lot of fun. My 10th period class was dying to know how to solve the problem and one of the girls actually came up to the front of the room to explain how her table had gotten the solution. I was amazed that someone was brave enough to do that on the first day! And that on the first day of school in a classroom that was hovering in the 90s they cared enough to want to know how to solve the problem.

We also took some time to play with Desmos in each of my classes, did some ACT Review problems with Plickers, and tried out the new textbook software. So it's been a busy, but fun, few days!

Fingers crossed that it'll stay that way!

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