Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Stuff I've Been Working On

Remember that ADHD I mentioned last post?

Here I go...

1. It's minor,but I made a new warm up sheet. I only put 3 spots on a page to force myself to either do something online, on white boards, or as a class the other 2 days a week.

2. I fixed up the Parent Functions foldable that I spent hours on last summer. Literally.  I think it's better now. But I have to figure out how to send it to the school copy center so that it prints as a booklet exactly as I would like it.

3. I found some of the plastic picture frame thingies at the Dollar Store and bought 7; one for each of my tables. So tonight I made new table number labels and also a sheet of "Instead of 'I don't know'" questions for the back.

4. I downloaded all of Sara VanDerWerf's Math Wall of Shame files that she so generously shared; this is what I'm going to start with on my bulletin board. At least half of it.  I actually got this board recovered this past spring before school was out and was horrified to see it this week with a piece of border missing. Our floors were worked on over the summer and I'm thinking that the piece fell off and was thrown away. And I don't have enough to fill it in! I just ordered new border from Oriental Trading Company today to redo it. (Our colors are orange and black and I wanted to keep with that theme.)
But isn't it appropriate that it was on the "#MathFail" part of the board?!

Things I Still Want to do:
1. Figure out how I want to create a self-paced module to have my Math 3 kids work through linear functions. If they need to. I refuse to teach it again.

2. Get a grip on my Matrix unit that I'll be starting Precalc with. I haven't done it for a while.

3. My plan was to put together a little tutorial for the TI8* and what I would like the kids to know how to do, but my TI SmartView software is having issues. Hopefully that'll get fixed in the next week so I have time to do that before school starts!

4. I'm presenting something at a building tech day next week. Probably should figure out exactly what that is. Hmm.

5. Figure out my first day of school plans. I detest the first day of school. I'm nervous, I'm hot, I don't know the kids. Can we just skip it and go straight to day 2?

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  1. I've always wanted to add a "fun" #mathfail bulletin board with students holding pics like "my calc was in degrees" and "I forgot a negative" and "I thought 2+3 = 6!"-might be fun to add to #mathfail. (like twitter dog shaming pics) but never sure if I could introduce it as a motivator and not really shaming.

    Also, don't know if this file: or this emulator: (looks like you'll have to get an OS from a calc to your computer though) might help!

    (I'm glad someone else isn't fond of the first day, either. So many new faces! And they don't think I'm funny yet!)

    (also the commenter sign-in is being weird, it's Meg Craig)