Sunday, July 24, 2016

#TMC16 post #1 (My stuff.)

I've been back from Twitter Math Camp (#TMC16 if you're so inclined) for almost a week now, and I still have a lot of stuff meandering through my head.  I really need to sit and work through my notes sometime soon!  I'm actually hoping for some rain so that I don't feel guilty about missing pool time with the kids to do school work.

I felt pretty good about the presentation that I did on Saturday afternoon (many thanks to the schedulers for letting me get it done on that first day!) and was surprised to have 20-ish people there. I was also surprised that I actually wasn't nervous when it started! But I was happy to have it over.

Here are the slides that I used:

 And a direct link to a google folder with all of the materials I shared.  (Please let me know if the link doesn't work!)

It's been fun to see other people blogging about going to my session and having favorable comments. Considering the respect (and awe) I have for some of these fellow mathies, it really means a lot!

This is a picture of those of us who were at both TMC12 (the first one!) and TMC16.  And I just want to say that I'm actually quite a bit taller than Hedge; I was just crouching so you could see Julie behind me. ;)  There are a lot of amazing people in that picture!

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