Student feedback (part 2)

And then a few more questions on the survey...
What type of learner would do best in my class and why?
  • A hands on
  • A learner who works well in groups and is somewhat outgoing would do best in your class because they can get help from and check answers with friends, and an outgoing learner would do well because your class requires a decent amount of participation
  • Auditory and visual learners that are great on repetition. I study notes often and did the practice work sheets along with then the screen casts and practice sheets when i would repeat the notes to myself over and over made it easy to learn a lot of the information. Especially when you would give demonstrations of certain things on the board because once I studied it I would be able to understand why you did something.
  • Any learner because you gave many examples that helped me learn better
  • One who doesn't mind taking notes. Your notes are very helpful and i didn't mind taking them most of the time but people who don't like to take notes would find it boring.
  • Classical learner: Listen how to do problems then do examples
  • Any learner because the class is well laid out.
  • A person ready to learn about math. If you go in not thinking it is worth your time, obviously it won't be a good year. A learner who is more math based and not picture based since we used more word equations than pictures I believe.
  • Seeing because of what we do on the board.
  • Listener and visual learner because that was the two main ways we learned
  • Listener, a lot of talking
  • One who can visualize aspects of equations because not all steps are shown sometimes
  • Note-takers because there were a lot of notes
  • A listener because you generally give us notes then go straight to a work sheet
  • Note taker, and paper person, lots of paper and notes
What type of learner would struggle in my class and why?
  • A lazy learner because the class does have some work that helps to succeed
  • Someone who needs to see pictures represent things. The triangles and real life situation problems are the best.
  • Listening because if they aren't paying attention it will be hard to catch up.
  • Someone who didn't listen well because you explained most of the things we learned.
  • Visual, we don't see things a lot.
  • One who needs every detail.
  • Non notes-based learners because there were a lot of notes.
  • Maybe a person to needs to see not just hear.
  • Hands on because there is a lot of visuals.
  • I think a shy learner would struggle because they are afraid to ask questions, even though you are a teacher who is truly more than willing to help.
  • A lazy one. You reached out to a lot of different types of people you were also so awake and full of energy in the morning it keeps things from getting too repetitious which can come from a pure lecture style the demonstrations and funny examples and jokes keep things engaging.   With the content being difficult at times if a student doesn't study and do the basics (like homework) it will be very difficult for them to learn.
  • I think that only someone who wasn't doing their work or weren't listening would struggle.
  • One who doesn't like to take notes or someone who does poorly on tests and quizzes. I'm not the best test taker but I always do my homework so it was a struggle to keep a solid A when my test grades would bring it down.
When you're fifty years old, what will you remember about our time together? What will stick with you?
  • All the fun things we did that may not have involved math at all. The friendships that I made with other kids in my class and with the seniors will stick with me.
  • -b +- (Squre Root) b(squared) - 4ab all over 2a. I will also remember how nice you were and how caring you were over students
  • My friends that I made by picking my own seat.
  • Yes because you were my favorite teacher and I learned the most from you. I never saw you get frustrated.
  • That you were really nice.
  • The games and extended review we had and the hot room haha
  • Nothing because I'll be really old. Maybe notes and stuff.
  • Probably not.
  • Most likely not.
  • I will definitely remember learning about fractals and hearing your stories!
  • Our awesome relationship. You told a lot of jokes and made me really smile and laugh. I looked forward to your class every single day and I will remember that for a long time.
  • I will probably remember some of the projects we did.
  • When you gave us our own personal unit circle which was laminated.
  • There's a good chance I'll be senile (it strikes early in my family), but if I remember anything it will likely be the derivatives despite the short amount of time they took. I enjoyed how they worked.
Anything else you'd like me to know?
  • I hope you have an amazing summer, keep up the good work. See you sometime in the fall, I will miss having you as a teacher.
  • Good job and try to draw straighter lines on the graphs or I will do it for you!! :)
  • Overall you're a great teacher! Best math teacher I've had since 5th grade probably
  • You have very pretty handwriting (ha!)
  • I thought you were a really great teacher and I hope you know some stuff about calculus because if you do I will probably come back to you for some help! You always made me laugh and I looked forward to coming to your class.
  • Thank you
  • I really enjoyed having you as my teacher!
  • I really enjoyed your class. Above on this survey, I was having a tough time coming up with anything negative. You are very good at your job. I'm kind of a math person but in past years I have had math teacher who ruined it for me. You are a very nice teacher (one of my favorites) and I thought you taught very well. I always wanted to give kudos to you because you were very patient with our class. Particularly with annoying kids who asked 10 million questions about things you had just gone over. Anyways, keep doing what you do because you made Math bearable :) Have a good summer.
  • Not really. It's been a good year and I hope I do well on the test tomorrow.
My take on it...

I'm happy with these responses. Every student is going to view the class in a different way, especially considering their own strengths and learning style. I try to make my class one that students enjoy and from what I've read, I've succeeded. The focus on note-taking was pretty major (in both a good and bad way) and that's definitely something I'd like to change.

Also, I was amused at the students who said "Good job". I don't think as a high schooler I had the awareness of how my teachers did their job. This reminds me of earlier in the year when one of the students made a comment about how much work I did for them. Again, I don't recall having that awareness as a student.