Monday, April 11, 2016

Walmart Warm Up

I was browsing through twitter last night (instead of grading the mound of papers sitting in front of me) and saw this tweet from Walmart:

Which got me wondering...
How many retweets/likes would it take to get to $1.5 million 1 ? And is it possible 2?

Instead of figuring it out for myself, I thought this would make a good warm up problem for today!

I added a couple of additional questions, too:
Given the number of RTs/favorites at the time, how much money is Walmart committing? 3
How many meals is this? 4

The kids thought I was a little wacky for thinking about this from a tweet, but maybe it'll actually make them think again when they see something like this. Or maybe not.

1. 1,500,000/0.90 = 1,666,666.67 RTs/likes
2. We had differing opinions. That's a lot of RTs/likes. But there's also no end date on the tweet. And you don't have to follow Walmart to see it (I don't). Overall consensus was no.
3. When I saw the tweet again this morning it had 10,142 RTs and 9251 likes for a total of 19393. At $0.90 each, that's $17453.70
4. Using those same values, $17453.70/0.09 = 193930 meals.

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