A Fix for Quiz Corrections?

I detest quiz corrections. They're messy, I have to grade things more than once, and the kids often just copy their neighbor's correct answer without actually rethinking the work.

So when I had a student ask last week if he could do quiz corrections for a recent quiz, my instinct was to say no.

But then I fought with myself (not literally, you know). Isn't the goal to get the kids to learn the stuff? Is there a way to do quiz corrections so that they actually recognize their mistakes and go through the process to fix them?

I ended up creating this chart that I'm hoping will help in more ways than one.

My hopes:
1. It'll force the kids to show their work in a place where I can actually find it.
2. It asks "what did you do wrong?" so that they can inspect their work and think through it.
3. It'll keep the kids from just copying their neighbor's answer without actually doing some work.

I also gave a specific due date for the corrections so they're not floating in at any time. When I have RPoC (random piles of crap) I tend to put off grading it and it tortures me.

My first round is due on Friday, so the jury is still out.


  1. Would love to hear how this was received and your evaluation of the results. Would like to try something like this for my tests.


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