Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend comments

First, the bad:
I'm frustrated with Math 3 kids who can't factor. I'm going to start assigning a weekly factoring review. And including it on every single quiz for the rest of the year.

I'm annoyed that Math 3 kids don't know the difference between numerator and denominator. And therefore mix up the zeros of a rational function with its vertical asymptotes.  Do I need to say "top" and "bottom" for high school juniors?

Now, the good:
I'm done grading for the weekend and it's only 3:16 pm on Sunday afternoon!
Time for a run :)

*Edited to remove anything that might be taken as personal for anyone. Just me venting. If all students did their own work all of the time, I'd be happy.


  1. What percent of their grade is homework? And how do you check it? Curious, thanks. Mine's worth 0 percent so I say, practice because the homework is practice for the assessment. Started going over 1 homework problem a day a few days last week.

    1. I don't weight my grades, so I don't know what percentage homework ends up being. More than I'd like! I struggle every year with how to encourage kids to do their work but not give too much weight to it. Still haven't found a solution that I like!

  2. have you checked out There is some good factoring practice on there you can assign.

    1. I'm looking now. Thanks for sharing!