Monday, February 8, 2016

Reflections (in more ways than one!)

My Math 3 kids took a quiz on Friday with operations of rational expressions (add, subtract, multiply, divide) that I'm trying to avoid grading. Some of the questions they asked during the quiz were depressing despite the time we spent reviewing and talking and trying to make sense of things.  I even posted these memes from @mathcurmedgeon to help them remember not to kill the kittens.

We'll see if it worked.

There were several students in my 1st period class who ran out of time, so I decided that I would give them the opportunity to finish up today. But I also wanted everyone else to have a chance to look through their work (in case the rushed). So for the first 10 minutes of class, I gave back the quizzes.  I told the kids that they had to keep it for a minimum of 5 minutes. I know there would have been kids who wouldn't take advantage of the time I gave them, so I forced it on them.  You HAVE to keep it for 5 minutes. If you sit and do nothing, that's fine.

You can lead a horse to water...

(I'm still not looking forward to grading them.)

In my Math 1 class we're talking transformations; last week we did translations and reflections and I found some patty paper so I can do rotations today. You wouldn't believe the trouble I had finding the patty paper!

Anyway, I gave the kids a little project to work through on reflections; I wasn't planning on it until I saw the trouble they had flipping things.  (Here's the link if you're interested.)

Got some cute results!  And most of them did a nice job with the actual reflections.
Part of their work was to list all of their ordered pairs; it was neat to hear one of the girls say, "So these points just have a negative here, right?" instead of counting out the point itself.

I'm currently listening to my precalc kids talk through verifying trig identities. Love it! My table of over-achieving sophomores is about to explode with excitement. :)  I love that they're feeling challenged!

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