Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Tech

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, but I'm going to try harder to use available technology to make my life easier this semester. And hopefully my students' lives more varied.

So here's what I've done the past 2 days.
1. My blended unit in Math 1. (See previous posts).

2. As I was sitting down on Sunday afternoon to come up with some review problems for my Math 3 classes, I read an email from a colleague that said 3 of our copiers were down. Perfect.  My plans for a review worksheet were dashed! The kids would be so disappointed!  (not.) Instead, I ended up creating a Quiz on Schoology for them to work through. I used ExamView to pull in multiple choice questions, added in a couple of fill-in-the-blanks, and Monday's assignment was done.

Not only did I save 78 pieces of paper but I created a something that gave kids immediate feedback in two ways. If they solved an equation and didn't see the correct answers as possibilities, they knew they were wrong. The activity also was a self-grading one, so as soon as the kids hit submit they received their results.

Today in class I was able to look through the results and see what the lowest-scoring questions were. Those were the ones we reviewed together.

(If you don't have Schoology, you could always do this in a Google Form and use Flubaroo to grade it.)

And I haven't done this before why?

3. I went to Which One Doesn't Belong for my Precalc warm-up today. It was fun to hear the kids discuss why "A" didn't belong to the group of 4 instead of "B".

4. I assigned my Math 3 kids a Polynomial Project where they use Desmos to create a function that matches an image they uploaded.  Because Desmos isn't just amazing for its Activity Builder.

I'll make it my goal to report at least every Tuesday with what I've done. If no one else bothers to read it that's fine... I've gotten so many good ideas by re-reading blog posts and remembering things. It stinks to get old and lose your memory. :)

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