Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The first deadline is looming!

When I introduced this blending unit last Monday, I told (and showed) the kids what all was due when.  I had given them a packet of "notes" and associated MathXL assignments, plus some assorted online and paper assignments.

Today, 8 days later, some kids are still working on the notes packet  (the ones I made screencasts for) and haven't gotten to any other assignments. Think they'll hit tomorrow's deadline?

I'm wondering if I should have made some intermediate deadlines in there... last Friday for the packet and MathXL (which would basically be one section/day) and then activities this week?  I was trying to give them the opportunity to pace themselves, but apparently some students weren't able to do that.

I thought this was interesting... these 4 kids were all working on 3 different activities. One was on MathXL, two were constructing polyhedra, and one was working on the packet (he has been out for a concussion and missed several days). This was what the whole class was like today!  

Today's keeper of a quote: "This is actually kind of fun!" (in regards to some of the activities that I let them choose from)


  1. Melanie shared your blog with me. I love being able to check out your progress this way, so I hope you don't mind me sticking my nose in your business! :) When I first visited, the post at the top was "Blending wins." Like. Also, was wondering if you would mind me sharing your blog with my students in my grad class at Findlay this semester. We are blogging using blogger as well and this is a pretty fantastic example of what can happen with the blog beyond class.

    1. Just in case you are confused, this is Lauren Angelone... I also go by Laurie. :)

    2. Hi Lauren (thanks for clarifiying :) )
      By all means, stick your nose in and share my blog. And then tell me how I can get better!
      If my successes and failures help anyone out, then we all win. :)

    3. Thanks! I will let you know if I get some feedback for you!