Thursday, January 21, 2016

Last-minute review changes

I pulled back the reins in my Math 1 class this week; for some of the kids the idea of having no set assignment for the day was getting to be a bit too much.  It didn't help that it's been a crazy few days - we had Monday off for MLK Day and a snow day yesterday.  I thought we needed a little bit of a routine to happen.

On Tuesday I told them (and wrote on the board) the plan for the week:
Tues/Weds:  work on projects
Thurs: Vocabulary Quiz
Fri: Unit Test

Which after our snow day would need to be amended to:
Tues/Thurs: work on projects
Fri: Vocabulary Quiz
Mon: Unit Test  (ugh... a test on a Monday?)

And because we need some routine is now:
Tues: work on project
Thurs: Vocabulary Review, specific project assigned (finish for HW... it's short)
Fri:  Vocabulary Quiz, second project given
Mon:  Unit Review
Tues: Unit Test

I think having a specific activity for the day, while contradicting the freedom that I was trying to give for this unit, was much more helpful in getting them all back on track.

I wanted to give the kids an opportunity to work through a vocabulary review together, so about half an hour before class started I was trying to find something I liked.  My options:
1.  Kahoot. I checked out the public Kahoots to see if anyone had posted one similar to what I wanted (they didn't).
2. Socrative. I checked out the Socrative Garden of activities to see if one worked (none did).
3. Quizzizz. I went through the Quizzizz that I'd included previously in the Blended Unit but didn't like how it went through the questions individually instead of as a whole class.   (Maybe there's a setting for that option but I didn't see it.)

I ended up throwing together some quick questions on Plickers; we've used it before so the kids already have their own plicker assigned to their name (I keep them so I don't have to constantly reprint).  It worked out well!  And I can go back later to see how the kids did as a whole on a question or specifically how a student did on a question.  It would be nice to see an overall student report, but nothing's perfect.

Here's today's project - a Padlet for them to post pictures of real-life geometry terms.  I embedded a chart as the wallpaper to divide the screen up into parts, but you can see it gets a little wonky.  I'll need to find a better way to do that next time.

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