Let the freakout commence!

So far this summer I've seen quite a few changes...

1. Hubby and I are buying a new house. It's only 3.7 miles away from our current one, but it's got more land and a huuuge garage for him to hide out in. And a place to put all his stuff.

2. Which means we are getting the current house ready to sell. Kinda. I feel like I'm in limbo; we have so much stuff that we don't feel like we can list it with a realtor so I think we're going to wait until we're in the new house until we put this one up. And it's too early to pack, so I've just been purging all the stuff we don't need. Amazing how it collects.

3. Although we're staying close, the kids will be going to a new elementary school. They're good with it (now), and I found a babysitter for them so I'm good with it too.

4.  (The biggie...) I am officially back in the classroom! I've been waiting for the dominoes before me to fall before something opened up, and yesterday it finally did. I'm going to be back at my former school teaching math. Not quite sure what yet, but the open position was scheduled for Math 3, AP Stats (ack!!) and a blended learning version of Math 2.

So all of that time I've had the past two years to read and gather ideas will hopefully help me out. Unfortunately, my brain is a crazy place right now where I try and figure out how exactly I want to do things. The kids and I went into school today and took some of my stuff... I even rearranged the desks into groups of 4 before we left - that was a given.

Otherwise, here's what I am considering:
A. Not doing the formal Interactive Notebook. I'm strongly considering requiring the kids to have 3-ring binders with looseleaf paper. Much more versatile. We can still keep components of the INB without being stuck with the comp notebook (I found that scaling down to it was a pain.).

B. Creating a document for kids to do their warm-up problems on, then collecting weekly. Some accountability is helpful for those who think it's just free time. (I just threw this together. Now I need to think about it and make sure it's what I want.)

C. The constant collecting/grading of homework is always something I'm thinking about. I know that a lot of #mtbos'ers are in the same predicament, so I really need to dust off my blog reader and see what's going on. I saved one of Sam's posts about how he does homework (here), and I'm pretty sure Elizabeth addressed it too (found it!). (If anyone else has created the perfect system, can you please share?)

Going back to school today and starting to set up my classroom was fun but weird. But I'm so excited to be back!

I'll just need to remember this when it's October and I'm already tired of grading. :)


  1. You are welcome to any of my AP Stats stuff! Let me know what you want; I'll send it to you.
    Lori Akahoshi

  2. Thanks Lori! I'll definitely let you know!


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