Follow up...

I haven't heard back from my son's teacher (who I emailed over 2 days ago). I'm wondering if she'll just choose to ignore my email, which is not what I would advise as a teacher. Just three days left in their quarter!

I'm considering holding back her Christmas present (a Tervis tumbler full of homemade caramel.... what a nice mom I am!).

I was somewhat looking forward to a nice finish-up-December-easy week, but it wasn't meant to be. On Friday our Secondary Curriculum Director called and asked me to work on a new project. The course guide is scheduled to be put online in mid-January so the kids can get ready for scheduling next year's classes (can you believe it's almost time for that?!). He asked me to put together some 3-4 minute videos explaining our new course pathways to help parents see what's going on. As a district we decided to go with the Integrated pathway, which is troubling to a lot of people. We're such a traditional, high-achieving area that parents are freaking out when they see "Math 1" as their freshman's math class. I've got a start on what I think he wants but am waiting for confirmation before I continue.

Yesterday I met with our Curriculum Director (the earlier guy's boss) about a different Math Course of Study project she'd like me to work on. She wants to put together a website for K-12 showing the whole scope and sequence of Common Core math. This one's a biggie!  But luckily no mid-January deadline!  I'm meeting with our Middle School Math coach (who is a friend of mine) on Thursday to get her take on it; she was in on the organizational meeting for the project.

Today I spent some time with 4 freshmen biology classes who are doing research on geneticists; they'll use their information to create a timeline via Timeline JS (If you haven't seen it, check it out! It's really a neat tool that is based on a google spreadsheet.) I showed them a couple of websites ( and so that we could talk about the validity of websites and always checking multiple sources.  Check out; some of the kids were visibly concerned about it!  :)

Then I shared with them resources we have available to us on INFOhio (a state database). Hopefully next time they're looking for information they won't automatically go to google. But I wouldn't bet on it!

I'm offering to re-do my previous Tech Thursday sessions on Friday during our work day. So far 3 people have signed up. So there's that.