Tech Thursday follow-up

I ran my second Tech Thursday after school today with some exploration into Chrome extensions and a quick glimpse at Google Add-Ons. I'm happy with the numbers - I had 8 attendees last week and 9 today (3 repeat customers from last week). It's interesting to see the variety of people; today there were two lunch ladies, our ESL teacher, a Spanish teacher, a math teacher, the school psychologist, an administrative assistant, and one special ed teacher.  And the 9th person was a lady who was subbing for our Media Center secretary who wanted to see what we were doing. 

What an interesting group! 

My only difficulty was that I didn't want to show them extensions that would only be helpful in a classroom setting, but I also didn't want to neglect my teachers. I'm hoping I found a good balance. 

I had several people email and say they couldn't make it for various reasons but said they wanted to be there, so that makes me happy too. 

He school psych told me that his favorite Thursday activity used to be eating wings and watching football. Now it's Tech Thursday. (I feel like I should use that on ads for the sessions. :) ) I told him that next week he can eat turkey and watch football and I'd see him the week after for Google Forms. 

Gobble gobble!