Baby steps

I just spent 5 minutes with a math teacher at school. He was excited to show me a story one of his students had written to match a distance/time graph (it was about a crazy sloth who traveled light years to lose weight...). The teacher was telling me that the only problem he had with assignments like this was that all of his students wanted to share their stories out loud in class and it killed the rest of his day.

I suggested that he set up a discussion prompt on Schoology (our LMS) with the graph so that the students could type in their stories and read/respond to their classmates' entries. The teacher was excited about the idea.

Then we talked about using Google Forms (or a Schoology quiz) to ask open-ended questions. Our math department primarily uses MathXL for the Common Core courses, but it doesn't allow for anything open-ended.

What got me most about this teacher (aside from his never-ending enthusiasm, which I LOVE), was something he said on his way out of my office.

"I love getting better."

Don't you wish all teachers felt this way?!