Sharing Resources... the Google Site

I spent some time last week messing around with the Google Site that I put together last summer for my school. The original intent was twofold:
1. Give teachers the opportunity to reserve space in the Commons (Media Center) electronically.
2. Share resources with the teachers.

They seemed to embrace the idea of making their own reservations. I thought it would be nice to give them the ability to reserve space (and computers, if necessary) whenever the impulse hit them. Otherwise they would have to email to see if there was space available (and wait for a response) or stop in during the school day. There was no reason for that!  I created a Google Calendar and set up appointment slots with all of our periods listed. They click on the time/day they want and hit save. Voila! The only problem is that they can't cancel the appointment - we have to do it. But I'll take it!

As for sharing resources, well... I don't think that happened so much. I found a way to embed all of my diigo tags on the site so that they would automatically update. I even set up some cute tabs across the top that were subject specific:

I'm guessing that no one ever clicked on one. But I could be wrong (though I doubt it).

On Friday one of the teachers (who is very tech savvy) emailed to suggest I create a repository for all of the resources that I've been sending. She didn't want to lose track of them if she didn't have a chance to check something out immediately.  So I responded, reminding her of the site, and told her I was keeping everything there too. I was able to embed my Google Drive folder of all the resources and how-tos I've put together for them on one of the tabs.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

We have a staff meeting tomorrow; I'm thinking of sharing this with them (again). Just as a little reminder. :)