Resources, Take 1

I'm still trying to decide how to share resources with the staff this year....

My first thought is to do a weekly-ish email with resources, both general and subject-specific.  Here's this week's:

ViewPure - showing a YouTube video in class? If you input the url in ViewPure you get a nice clean screen (no ads, no sidebar) to display.

Public Domain Review - a collection of images, books, essays, audio recordings, and films found in the public domain

Plickers - A low-tech way to collect student input. Each student gets a "paper clicker" barcode to indicate their answer. You use your device (android or iOS app) to collect their data. You can even see a real-time bar code of answers and see individual student data.

Flipped Classroom Tools - If you're flipping your class (or thinking about it!), check out these 7 tools.

Random Name Picker - a fun colorful wheel that you can use to randomly choose students in class

Social Studies
Map Making Tools for Students
Assessment Resource Center for History
An Interactive Map of the Napoleonic Era

Human Footprint Interactives

Google Books

Using trendlines in Google Spreadsheets

(If you're wondering, I found these sites either on Twitter or on Richard Byrne's Free Tech 4 Teachers blog.)


  1. If its not too much trouble, I'd send a separate one for each department and keep it as short as possible. I always figure people won't read more than three things (maybe I'm just a pessimist?)--so I might see something and be like, "Oh, cool" and if there's only one or two things and I'm actually interested, go use it. But if I keep reading and I want to use the YouTube thing AND try out Plickers AND explore flipped classroom stuff? That's too much for me to integrate this week and I'm more likely to table the whole thing for later. I might be different that way though! And I spend too much time thinking about how to get my distribution list to actually try the things I share.

  2. Kristen,
    What about short emails to departments, with a link on the bottom to an archive of all of them on a site?
    A newer teacher may blow off your emails for a while and then finally read it and want to go back to see what they missed.


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