We're back!

After an extra-long winter break (16 days scheduled plus 2 "cold" days when the temps were below zero), today is my first day back at school. I arrived to find everything in my office upside down and big paper flowers with my face as the center taped to my window. You gotta love co-workers (who have to be here on snow days)!

I plan to be much more intentional about taking time to find resources for my students. I feel like I started out doing that this fall and then fell off the wagon. So today I opened up my tweetdeck and am checking out the #sschat column to see what interests me.

1.  What You Get When 30 People Draw a World Map from Memory  (Mine would be horrible... how about yours?)

2. Student Projects on WWII - Choose Your Own Adventure

3. American Memory Timeline from the Library of Congress (A collection of primary sources)

4. An interactive map that illustrates the Jamaican slave revolt in the 1760s

5. 21 Top Websites for Social Studies Teachers

6. Wealth Inequality in America (YouTube video)