Monday, November 18, 2013

Adult-onset ADD

I don't remember having problems as a kid paying attention in class. Of course, my memory stinks for a lot of things (but the weird random stuff stays with me) and I always had a book with me to read when I was bored so I doubt I ever just did sit and listen, but...

I think I've developed ADD over the past few years. I can no longer sit and listen, as evidenced by the last two school days that I spent at workshops or any time I sit in the car while not driving. I feel like I always have to be reading something or googling something or just checking the weather (or twitter).

It definitely shows up this year with my new job. I have a lot of time during the day to work on a variety of projects; right now I have 5 things on my to-do list. Here they are (in no particular order):
1. Create a Schoology course for flipped learning
2. Find timelines for a teacher to use with her students in class
3. Explore INFOhio 
4. Find a 3x3 systems activity for next week for a math teacher
5. Start contacting teachers about their results from a survey they took after our PD day

You'd think that I would tackle one, get it done, and move on. And yet I think I've hit all of those today (with the exception of #3 because it intimidates me a bit) plus some. 

I've started the Schoology course, played with timelines (here are the ones I've tagged), emailed the math teacher about the systems stuff, and emailed two sets of teachers about their survey results. But I've also helped a girl access our VDI on her tablet, found some resources for a teacher who is trying to decide what type of device to buy for her kids for Christmas, and done some extra digging to help myself prepare to work with some of the afore-mentioned teachers on their survey queries (using google docs comments on student writing). I also found some materials for a possible Schoology course on Digital Citizenship and added a blog to my feedly reader which I've been neglecting for several weeks now. 

And yet when my husband asks me what I did each day I can't think of anything to tell him. 

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