Thursday, October 17, 2013

Planning for PD

We have an inservice day on November 5th in which I'll have about half the day to work with the math teachers (it's so weird not to include myself in that list... and to be the planner!).

My general thoughts are to give people exposure to websites and tools that could help them. I don't want to get too content-specific because we'll have everyone from 7th grade to AP Calc and I'd hate to leave anyone out.

My initial plan
Wolfram Alpha

Flipping a classroom
(These are two topics that produced a lot of interest from a survey we did.)  I'd love to be able to Skype someone in to talk about how they flip.  We'll see about that.

I put together a quick survey and sent it out to the teachers to see what tools, resources, tweeters, and blogs they like so that we can get a collection of ideas attached to people who use them. That will be good, right?

One of the activities that we did at Twitter Math Camp was a session called "My Favorites". It ranged from questioning to marshmallow guns to classroom management. As a last question on my survey to the teachers, I asked if they would be willing to do a "My Favorite".  It would be a short little 2 - 3 minute, informal talk about something that works for them in class.  Over half of the people who have responded so far have said no.


I guess I'm so used to the twitter community, who shares everything, that I forget that it doesn't always work that way.


  1. My recommendation is, if possible, you should personally ask teachers to share something for My Favourites that you know that they do really well. Teachers are often reluctant to share because they lack confidence in what they have to share. Your personal touch could make a difference!

  2. Hi Kristen,
    I feel like we are planning very similar experiences for our math teachers for PD on November 5th! I wrote about my plan here: I also just sent a survey to our department this week asking about their experiences using twitter, reading blogs, and the some other sites such as Desmos. And just like you I asked if they would like to present a "My Favorites!" So far I have about 8 teachers who said they would either like to present, or would like to hear more information about it. I'm planning on having a brief convo with each of them to discuss what they want to share.