Thursday, October 24, 2013

Planning a PD Day

Our half-day of PD on November 5th has turned into 2 hours. But hey, teaching is all about being flexible, right?

We're going with a more structured approach. Instead of having a lot of time to share resources, ideas, "Favorite Things", we're going to have 30 minutes as share time for all teachers to attend. It'll be interesting to see what sharing is actually going on! People always say that they want time to talk to each other but I don't know what all they'll do with it.

I've got people lined up to share if conversations aren't happening. Or I'm sure I could get up and talk for at least 30 minutes. :)

After that, people will have a choice of either a 90 minute session or 2 45-minuters.

For the math/science crowd, I'll be leading a 90 minute session on flipping... which means I need to get my act together!  It was an interest of mine that I never actually followed through with, but I have a lot of resources tagged that I can go back to. I'd also like to skype someone in who actually flips their class... if you flip and are available around 12:30 on the 5th, let me know! We have a science teacher in the building who flips his chemistry class, so I'll definitely be calling on him to talk about what he does.

Some of the shorter sessions deal with diigo, organization of google drive, PLNs (I'll be leading a few of those, too! Again, if you're interested in Skyping, give me a shout!), and I forget what else. 

I'm not stressed out about it. Yet.

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