Last week's plan is pretty much shot.  But isn't that how things usually work?

My new task for (gulp) Tuesday:
1. Lead a 45-minute presentation on flipping a classroom. I think I have this one under control. It's only for math/science/business teachers and I'm pretty comfortable with those subjects. I do want to make sure that I have some blogs of people who are flipping those classes (need to find science and business). There's a science teacher at my school who flips, so I definitely want to make sure I at least talk with him beforehand, if not convince him to come and help me. :)

2.  Lead a 45-minute presentation on Digital Notetaking. This one I'm not so sure about. It's not that I'm not interested in this, but I don't get why people wouldn't use Google Drive.  My plan is to check out some alternatives (especially Evernote) and see how they might be good, too. This will be for all subjects other than the afore-mentioned.

I've been playing a lot lately with how to edit word documents on a Chromebook. We have a VDI (Virtual Desktop) that would be nice to be able to use but isn't always the quickest-reacting software. And then there's the question of (if you're using the VDI), how to save the document to your computer so that you can then upload it as an assignment on our LMS (Schoology). I really really like the idea of using Skydrive, but it would involve students setting up yet another account. So we'll see about that.

I just discovered a presentation from Shelly Terrell that seems to have a lot of good links in... I'm going to share a few, but please go look at Shelly's slides! It's titled "Survival Tips for Teaching with Technology".

Here are the links I pulled out:
1.  ILearnTechnology - an Edublog about Integrating Technology into the Classroom  
2.  EdShelf - reviews and recommendations of tools for education
3.  LearnItIn5 - how-to videos for the technology classroom
4.  Ideas to Inspire - Inspiring ideas for your lessons, contributed by teachers around the world
5. The EdTech Hub - free lesson resources and tools for teaching with technology.
This site had a checklist for teaching with technology that I wanted to make sure to keep.

A couple of asides:
1.  I created a new page on this blog where my diigo links will show up (if you're interested). I liked how they automatically posted once a week, but I've been tagging so much lately that I thought the blog just looked ugly. And appearance matters. :)  So check out that tab up top!
2.  I've heard from two people in the last 18 hours that my not teaching math at my old school has really left a hole in that department. Not that I'm saying this is true (because there are some great teachers there!) but it makes me sad.  I still miss the every day interaction with "my" kids, but I really don't miss the grading or the drudgery that came along with it. I still wonder if this gig will be a long-term thing or if I'll end up back in a classroom one day. Guess that remains to be seen!