Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you connected?

(I just found this in my drafts... not sure why I never posted it!)

Next month (October) is Connected Educators month. If you haven't checked out the website, head on over there! Our plan (the other 2 ladies in my position at the other secondary schools in the district and our fearless leader) is threefold:
1. Find and suggest webinars a for people to participate in. 
2. Find and suggest a book study for people to participate in. (Run by CE)
3. Run a 30-day Twitter challenge

The district really wants to get teachers onboard and connecting, so we're putting together a list of 30 tasks that we'll send out via twitter to get people using Twitter. We're going to start by requiring them to have signed up for twitter and downloaded Tweetdeck. Then we're starting basic... Tweet out something using our predetermined hashtag. Add that column to your Tweetdeck. Find people to follow. Etc. We're going to tweet them questions to respond to, links to follow, videos to watch. Hopefully this will work out well and more people will feel comfortable using twitter! Because I'm sure you all know I'm a big fan. 

Aside #1:
Our Homecoming is this weekend, which makes this Spirit Week. I missed my all-time favorite (Pajama Day) because I had to take a little girl to get tubes in her ears, but because of the opportunity to dress down for the week, I'm all in. Today is class color day, and it is apparently a huuuuuge thing for the kids. I have yet to see someone not dressed in the appropriate color. Apparently there have been issues in the past because some kids got over-zealous with preserving their color, so warnings were issued yesterday. 

Aside #2:
A math teacher at my school sent out a school-wide email a few days ago asking if anyone had Barbies they could lend her. She's doing Barbie Bungee with a stats class (to look at scatter plots, I think). Brought back good memories of last year! :) (And the year before...) I  told her I was going to come down and watch but I ended up having to cover for a teacher whose sub didn't make it on time to school. Tomorrow is the big drop (over a 2-story ledge) so I'll definitely try and make it. I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I brought her 15 Barbies... I promise most of them were hand-me-downs and not bought by me! (For my daughter, of course.)

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