Friday, August 30, 2013

What do I do?

It's been really nice since I've been back to school to not have to follow the 50-minute period schedule. I eat when I want (after I coordinate that with my partner-in-crime), I get to go potty when I want (though I honestly don't think of it, which is probably a result of 16 years in a classroom), and I've been filling my days with all kinds of projects.

I think at this point my biggest problem is that I get started on one thing (like an email), get distracted by something/one and jump to something else, get distracted again, . . .

Yesterday at the end of the day I had 3 draft emails started but not finished. 

Here's a bit of what I did today:
I started the morning by going through my reader (I switched to Feedly) and trying to get caught a bit. Found some good things that I tried to tweet out but since my iPad is on the unsecured network at school, twitter is blocked, so I had to email them to myself. 

During second period, one of the special needs classes was on the computers right outside my office door. They were there yesterday, too, and I'd spent the time helping a couple of the kids through the log-in and signing-up for specific classes on Schoology. I made a new buddy, Colin, who is seriously the cutest human alive. About halfway through the period I went back to my office to plan out how we're going to do our Chromebook distribution next week (the school bought a bunch of them to loan out to freshmen and sophomores who don't have a computer to use during the day. Great idea, tons of stuff to do behind the scenes to get ready). This is basically what I spent the rest of my day on.

At one point I had 3 different conversations using three different platforms going on with the same person. And then I texted her once I left the building. Technology is crazy!

Anyway, I ended up at Anderson (my old school) for a little over an hour to talk with them about what they're doing and get a concrete plan set with Cary, our fearless leader. During that time, our district tech lady emailed out spreadsheets of kids who had registered their own computers last year but not this year and also spreadsheets of kids who had registered this year so we could look through them. 

After my 20 minute lunch where I satin my office eating, the rest of my day was spent on emails:
1. I sent emails to all of the freshmen and sophomores who had computers last year and still need to register them this year asking them to do it.
2. I sent emails to the home room teachers of the kids who had screwed up their registration because of their MAC address. The district is going to lock people off of the network if they don't have a valid wi-if address submitted; for some reason I don't think a home address, email address, or "n/a" is going to cut it. I'm hoping those kids get it fixed before they're locked out and we're bombarded.

My husband asked me what I did all day. I felt so busy, but I don't know that it shows in my accounting. That may be because every few minutes there's a student with a question or needs to check out a book or a new email to answer or. . .

Looking forward to this 3-day weekend!

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