Friday, August 30, 2013

Props to us!

The goal right now is to get as many students registered with their device (laptop, tablet, etc.) as possible. If they don't do that by next Friday, the kids will be locked out of the network at school.

Next week we'll start handing out loaner Chromebooks to the freshmen (and then sophomores) that don't have a device so that they'll have one to use during the day.

So today, Sue (my afore mentioned partner-in-crime) and I sent notices out to the English teachers for each one of their classes. We highlighted the names of kids who hadn't registered their devices, asking the teachers to send kids down with their devices if they needed help.

I wish I had looked at our numbers before we started today to get a comparison, but I'm pretty sure that as a school (of around 1200 students) we were in the 30% range for registration. After today, we're at 55.92%. That's pretty darn good!

And our freshmen?  At 75%. That helps immensely in Chromebook distribution.  We're down from needing 125ish to 75ish.

This might actually go well next week!

I'm hoping that at some point I'll actually be able to get back to the idea of working with teachers and resources. But for now this takes precedence.

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