Monday, August 12, 2013


Bear with me here as I pretend to be an English teacher. :)

Several weeks ago I cut off some branches of a pretty golden pothos plant that is hanging in the corner of my kitchen.  It was getting kind of long and interfering with the chair (and all of the stuff on the chair) below it.

I stuck it in a vase of water and was happy to see it root a couple of weeks later.

So last night, the night before my first day of my new job at my new school, I decided that I was going to pot the cutting and take it to school.

That got me thinking.  The nice healthy plant? Me as a math teacher. Everything was going good, growing well.  It just needed a bit of maintaining.

The cutting?  Me as a Digital Learning Coach. Right now it's just getting off the ground... an off-shoot of a career. It's going to take time and work, but hopefully this job (plant) will someday be as strong and healthy as its predecessor.

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