Thursday, August 22, 2013


We've completed two days (with students) and I feel like I have gotten a lot done so far. 

1. I've talked to a lot of people. I think I remember everyone's name, but that's up for debate. I'm not the most outgoing type (I usually am more of an observer) but I knew that wouldn't serve me well trying to get to the place where people felt comfortable asking me for help. Everyone's been very nice and friendly, though, and haven't held back in approaching me either. 

2. I've been able to help people out with questions/problems. A lot of the questions people have asked have been about Schoology, the LMS we use with the kids. But I've also talked Google Forms with a couple of teachers; found some Geogebra stuff; a TI-84 emulator; a possibility for e-signatures; ideas for how to deal with students turning in homemade videos; and even figured out a way for a girl with special needs to get, complete, and turn in assignments. 

3. I've seen a lot of kids. We've been dealing with textbook check-out in the Commons (our new name for Media Center) so they've all been coming through the past couple of days. Tomorrow is going to be crazy - we've got two departments coming through instead of just one like the last couple of days. I do have to admit that I like to use the little scanner gun, though! That never gets old. 

4. I've helped out with getting a number of Chromebooks ready to check out to students. The goal is to get (at least) the freshman 1:1, so the district purchased a bunch of Chromebooks to loan out to the kids to do that. We (the "secretary" who is really running the place and I) are having to organize the machines and get them into carts to get ready for the mad rush every morning and afternoon. I tell you, it's going to be a crazy place for a while but hopefully we'll find a system that works. 

5. I spoke in front of the staff on our first day of inservice and didn't hyperventilate. If you're like me, talking in front of a bunch of kids is no big deal. But adults?! My heart pounds just thinking about it. It helped that I didn't know too many people and didn't feel like I had to live up to any preconceived notions. I even had one teacher (who I've known for several years) tell me I did a good job. That was nice. :)

So yeah, I've been busy. But I'm really looking forward to getting out and doing what I think my job is. I want to get in classrooms and help with ideas and push people forward a bit. 

And you know what? I miss my friends. I miss "my" kids. I miss being known. But I honestly don't miss having my own classroom. There have been teachers coming through the commons with their classes and I'm not envious at all. Of course that could change, but I was worried that I had made the wrong decision in taking this job and feeling this way comforts me. With that being said, one of the math teachers has to go to a 2-day training next month and I told her I'd help her out while she's gone. That I'm looking forward to. But I don't think I want to keep them. 

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  1. Ahh, you're working with Chromebooks!?! I just got a class set from a grant over the summer and they arrived 2 days ago! Let me know what's the best use of them you've seen in the classrooms because I'm looking for more ideas.