Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm starting to look for resources to help out whatever it is that my new job is going to be.

Some things I've found lately that I think look promising (I'm putting them here both to share and so I can find them again later!):

1.  Edudemic's "The Teacher's Guides to Technology and Learning"
A collection of resources for teachers from Twitter to Flipped Classrooms to Keeping Students Safe Online to Choosing Digital Content.  Plus some.

2.  Tech Coach Wiki
There's not a ton there yet.  I'm hoping that it's being developed.  Still, some links that look promising.

3.  #TechCoach Tagboard
I've never seen Tagboard before, but it looks like a cool way to collect twitter hashtags.  This specifically is the #techcoach one. Maybe I'll create a #TMC13 one for the next few days... or maybe I'll avoid it. (Still sad.)

4.  Edutech for Teachers
A blog dealing with using technology in the classroom.

5.  Cool Tools for the 21st Century Classroom
Like I've said before (I think), I'd like to send out a weekly email describing a tool that can be used in classes. This may be a good collection for me to sort through.  The goal is to find things applicable to all departments.  (I chose Google Forms for week 1 and Remind101 for week 2. I have no idea where these teachers are but I thought these would be good ones to make sure they know about.)

6.  School Signs from Technology Rocks Seriously
I found these last night; I think this is a middle school teacher but she's spent a lot of time and is very generous is freely sharing her work. I love fonts and colors, so this is right up my alley.

7. 30 Ways to Use Chromebooks in Education from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (that's a mouthful!)
We're going to have 250 Chromebooks available to students to check out on a daily basis. It will be nice to have resources for teachers so they know what the machines can do.

I favorited this quote from Twitter the other night. It just spoke to me.


  1. I'm going to offer some completely-unasked-for advice: get to know what your teachers want/need before you clutter their inboxes.

    We have several tech coaches and their boss sends out weekly messages like you're describing. There's a pretty attachment with each one that one of the coaches clearly spent a great deal of time making user-friendly.

    I am able to use maybe 1 in 10 of these messages, but I feel compelled to read them, just in case. Ugh. I feel a little resentful each time one lands in my inbox.

    For example, there was the one telling us about Pages, which had just been installed on the iPad carts and which all the faculty iPads have. The trouble is, everyone uses Word. We can't connect to our shared server resources from the iPads, so if you use Pages you have to email files around, which is less productive than using a shared server. Pages isn't available for our desktops, so you have to know how to convert things back and forth. Pages occasionally comes in handy, but not enough that I really wanted to waste 5 minutes reading a tech tip about it.

    Every once in awhile we get a tip about a resource I hadn't seen before, and I like that. Other times it's about apps that are cute but actually make more work for teachers and kids don't really like that much.

    So, please tailor your messages to your audience very carefully!

  2. Thanks, Patti, I appreciate your input! I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is that I'm supposed to be doing. I was hoping that sending out a weekly email would be a non-threatening way of helping people see what is available to them. I'll think it through carefully before I start cluttering mailboxes! :)