Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cleaning Out

Instead of enjoying a nice quiet, calm exam week, I was busy sorting and packing and pitching. It's amazing how much stuff I accumulated in the last 8 years or so in that room!

A friend of mine is going to take over my room, so I was able to leave a lot of stuff that I normally would have cleaned out. 

Check out the transformation that my closet underwent! (I left most of that stuff.... My friend came in and told me that it felt like Christmas morning!)

You can imagine the number of trips I had to take to get my stuff to the car. Add in the fact that it was close to 90 degrees, we have no air conditioning in the building, and my room is on the second floor. 

My 7th period class came to the rescue. They all finished their exam with about 25 minutes left and several asked if they could help. Heck yeah! We all loaded up and quietly (as quiet that freshman on the last day of school can be!) made our way down to the parking lot. They truly saved me hours of traipsing back and forth. 

Here's my sad room on the way out :(

I feel like that door is closed (both literally and figuratively). And now I have much bigger things to think about... Like a whole Media Center and school full of teachers! My #summerlist has changed drastically. 

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