Thursday, May 23, 2013


Today is our seniors' last full day (although they get out at noon for a cook-out).  And boy, are they ready to go!

I was out yesterday for my little girl's kindergarten recognition program. Apparently the seniors in my Math Intervention class ordered pizza.  I have to admit that we'd talked about doing it sometime but they actually followed through.  Know what I'm upset about?  They didn't save me a piece.

I've gotten hugs, thank you cards, pictures, invites to grad parties, and a handshake. :)  But the note that this kid left on his last assignment was the best, I think.

At my school the seniors apply for the opportunity to give a speech at graduation (we don't have valedictorian/salutatorian speeches).  One of my precalc kids tried out and was chosen to speak. She told me today that she's going to refer to the Fibonacci sequence and expects me to give a fist pump; she'll be looking for me in the crowd.  :)

You never know what they'll remember!

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  1. This post warms my heart, Kristen, because I know how deeply you care about your students. They'll remember you.